Hollywood & Bollywood Celebrity Look Alikes

Aamir Khan - Bollywood Actor (left)
Tom Hanks - Hollywood Actor (right)

Hrishita Bhatt - Bollywood Actress (left)
Alyssa Milano - Hollywood Actress (right)

Bradley Cooper - Hollywood Actor (left)
Hrithik Roshan - Bollywood Actor (right)

Camilla Belle - Hollywood Actress (left)
Katrina Kaif - Bollywood Actress (right)

Dev Anand - Bollywood Actor (left)
Gregory Peck - Hollywood Actor (right)

In the fifties, when Dev Anand ruled, many noted the resemblance
he bore with Hollywood actor Gregory Peck.

Jhon Abraham - Bollywood Actor (left)
Antonio Banderas - Hollywood Actor (right)

Karishma Kapoor - Bollywood Actress (left)
Lauren Goodger - Hollywood Actress (right)

Philip Rhys - Hollywood Actor (left)
Tusshar Kapoor - Bollywood Actor (right)

Elvis Presley - Hollywood Actor (left)
Shammi Kapoor - Bollywood Actor (right)

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