New York City Rare Historical Pictures

Rear view of tenement, 134 1/2 Thompson Street. Lewis Wickes Hine.
This photograph was taken on February in 1912

Delancey Street in 1907.
This street always been famous for great discounts at clothing stores.

A girl carrying kimonos.
Thompson St, February 1912

A row of hanging oppossums

An old woman carrying a heavy load on Lafayette St. February 1912

Camel cigarette advertisement.
Time Square, photo was taken on February in 1943

Children playing on the beach of Coney Island
This photograph was taken in the year 1877

Chorus girls arriving to New York City from England, in 1926.

Clam seller in Mulberry Bend.
This photo was taken around 1900

Construction of the Empire State Building on Manhattan Island.
This is 102 storey building for 40years was not only the tallest skycraper
in New York, but throughout the world.
The photo was taken in 1930

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