Rare and Unseen Pictures

A rare picture from India

Two-year old child Vaishnavi offering food to her mother Sangeeta,
during the second National convention on 'Children's Right to Food' in Bhopal.
Sangeeta a construction labour lost both her hands in an accident
during construction of a building at Multai Township in Madhya Pradesh in 2011

A man struggling with life

Rare and unseen picture

Affection and Humanity

Dudhsagar falls in Goa in India

Golden Temple in Amritsar in India

Konkan railway bridge near Honnavar in India

Pool on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore

Real Engineering

Guinness World Record Winner 'JYOTHI'
Born on 16 December, 1993, in Nagpur she measures 61.95cm (2ft) tall,
making her shorter than the average two-year old child.
She weighs just 11Lb (5kg).
Jyothi is 6.2cm shorter than the former world's shortest woman,
22-year old American Bridgette Jordan who stands at 69cm (2ft 3inch)

Houses in New Zealand

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