Titanic Unseen Pictures

Reverend Hartley, who was lost in the 'Titanic' shipping disaster,
with his niece and daughter who both survived the tragedy.
This photo was taken on April 23, 1912

Survivors of the Titanic disaster are greeted by their relatives
upon their safe return to Southampton.

Survivors of the Titanic disaster boarding a tug
from the liner which rescued them.

Survivors of the 'Titanic' disaster on board a tug, arriving at Plymouth

The Lord Mayor of London arriving at St Paul's Cathedral, London,
for the memorial service for the victims of the 'Titanic' disaster.

The Titanic as it left on its first and final voyage from South Hampton in 1912

The Titanic Real Photograph

The Titanic's propellers while under construction in Belfast.
This is known as a "triple screw steamer' because
it was driven by a combination of three cast steel and bronze propellers,
the Titanic and the Olympic featured gigantic wing propellers that spanned more than 16 feet.

This is believed to be the only existing photograph of the Titanic's First Class
Dining Room during a meal.

Titanic fitting out at Harland and Wolfe after her launch.

Titanic's propeller shaft under construction in Belfast N.Ireland

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