Unseen Pictures Of China People

A powerful aftershock destroyed tens of thousands of homes in central China

Animals torn to pieces by lions in front of baying crowds

Chinese Bullet Train Accident

Chinese People's Liberation Army heavy tanks prepare to make their way
on to the main east-west throughfare, the Avenue of Heavenly Peace,
in Beijing on September 18, 2009

Crowd in China, overpopulation mothers

Six year old AIDS orphan a long lives alone in Guangxi
The kind hearted people backed out, and the villagers became fearful

Indonesian ethnic Chinese children pray at a temple in the China Town in Jakarta

It is considered bad luck for Taiwanese and Chinese people to not visit
the temple on Chinese New Years Day to pay respect to their Ancestors

The Chinese Bullet Train Accident

The Chinese bullet train accident killed 40 people and injured at least 190

Two roosters taught by their owner Zhang Lijun,
to play with a football in Shenyang in northeast China

Vampire woman get horns implanted

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