Unseen Pictures Of World War 2

A Russian soldier uses a flame thrower

American soldiers moving with tank support in the Germany city of Wernberg

Autumn 1942 saw some very heavy fighting. Building to building. Street to street.

The German cross the river Volga on their way to Stalingrad. August 23, 1942
German 14 Panzer Corps broke through the front 65 Army in the area Vertyachego
and traveled 72 kms per day, and reached the Volga north of Stalingrad.

French 370-mm howitzer M1915, manufactured by Schneider
and used by the Germans as a coastal artillery.

Germans do a house-to-house search in Ukraine during the war in Russia

Russian marines in the war

Russian people leave their city as Germans begin bombarding it

Russians soldiers move on the outskirts of Stalingrad

Soviet soldiers flush out German resistance from the Berlin underground in April, 1945

German Soldiers

The Germans race towards Stalingrad in August 1942,
Part of the German 6th Army advancing on Stalingrad

The Russian rain and the following slush took the goat of most German soldiers

Germans prepare for an attack in Stalingrad in 1942

Germans chat with captured Russian soldiers

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