It's Time To Flaunt Flawless Skin

Do you think you are ageing very fast? The face we see in the mirror daily is one thing, but what lies beneath the skin is another. Here are some helpful tips given by Dr. Ravindranath Reddy, Bariatric Physician & Medical Cosmetologist on how to combat skin pigmentation, revitalize ageing skin and also suggests an easy cure to our woes.

At what age should we start taking care of the skin, especially on the face?
There is no age in particular. Most of the damage is done if one id not careful with what we do or put on our faces. The effects of this can be seen over the course of time. At the age 30 itself, the skin begins to lose its suppleness and one can notice pigmentation as well due to the damages caused earlier.

How do pigmentation spots appear?
ActnicLentigo is the most common problem that people suffer from. It is a consequence of skin ageing caused by the sun. They often appear after the age of 40 and very often earlier than that, on the back of the hands and on the face. The pill or pregnancy can also make small or large dark brown spots appear on the forehead and cheeks brought out by the sun. This is melasma. This is a buildup of melanin that creates blotchy and discolored skin.

What is an effective remedy?
Until now there was no safe and effective remedy to solve this problem, but now there is Super Peel, an innovative treatment that offers formidable relief. It is a combination peel that effectively reduces the amount of melanin in the skin, and is compatible with all skin types however damaged it may be.

What is the benefit of Super Peel?
Super Peel improves the skin texture, making it smoother and many patients report a more vibrant complexion once the treatment has removed the dull outer skin layers. Patients may see up to 80% reduction in pigmentation spots and blemishes. One requires 7 to 8 sessions of Super Peel with an interval of 2-3 weeks to get visible relief from pigmentation and a few may require to continue with a maintenance treatment, once in 6 months.

How can one maintain healthy skin?
For that one need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes, eating healthy food, drinking plenty of water, exercising, avoiding the sun, using a sun block cream and regular creams and lotions that suit your complexion.

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