Tips For Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a time when a female blossoms into a woman and waits for her turn to become a mother. Pregnancy is a time when your body and you are going through many changes. It enriches a woman with an experience never felt before and prepares her to tend for the new life growing inside her. You can feel wonderful during your pregnancy if you take good care of yourself. Here are a few self-care tips that will help during pregnancy.

Eat Healthy
Remember to eat healthy always. Make sure your meals are balanced and nutritious. But remember that the extra energy that is required is only 300 kcal/day and any consumption above this will only add empty calories and weight to the mother. Avoid uncooked food, even salads, and ensure that your food is hygienic. If you have a sensitive stomach, avoid eating outdoors.

Different nutrients are more important at different times in pregnancy. In the first few months of pregnancy, the baby's organs are being formed and it is important that you eat folic acid supplements. As the baby grows, you should focus on protein, calcium and iron to support the baby's rapid growth. Constipation is very common during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and fiber - laden food such as whole - wheat or multi-grain breads.

Avoid Alcohol & Smoking
Pregnant women must avoid smoking cigarettes and also avoid being around people who smoke. And also try to avoid taking too much of alcohol. They are harmful for your baby and you. Your baby might suffer for the rest of her life or might not even survive if you overdo this. Some think that the occasional red wine may not be harmful but it is better to stay away from alcohol as far as possible. There is no conclusive research on what amounts are acceptable. Meanwhile, it is best to avoid alcohol and smoking while pregnant.

Exercise regularly to help you stay healthy, improve your circulation, and reduce leg cramps. Heavy exercising is not recommended for pregnant women but gentle or moderate exercises, such as walking, will be beneficial. Take a pregnancy exercise class or walk at least 15-20 minutes every day at a moderate pace. Walk in cool, shaded areas or indoors in order to prevent overheating. Nowadays, physical trainers are teaching exercises that are pregnancy-specific. These exercises help to keep a pregnant woman fit besides ensuring a smooth delivery.

Be Active
Keep yourself mentally and physically active. As long as you have a normal pregnancy, it is important that you continue your daily life. If you are working outside the house, continue working or if you work at home, continue those chores (other than lifting very heavy objects).

Being busy will keep you physically active. It will also keep you healthy and help in an easy delivery. And it also helps you be mentally active and keeps you happy and away from being too preoccupied by your pregnancy symptoms which will only worsen the impact.

Soothing Melodies
Listening music during pregnancy can affect your unborn child positively. Music makes a huge impact on baby. Loud sounds during pregnancy disturb the unborn baby. Listening to soulful music during your pregnancy can be 'nourishing' to the soul and to the baby. Make sure they are melodious and not sad songs. You can calm your baby and let him be if you let him listen to the right type of music. By the twelfth week, he will be able to hear sounds and  by the fifth month , he will be able to distinguish sounds. That would be just the time to get your baby to listen to music. 

Similarly reading good books, particularly joke books can provide you with a good laugh and keep you light-hearted and stress-free.


Get a good doctor. It is important that the doctor is experienced and you trust the doctor. Make sure that the doctor does not pressurize you into unnecessary tests and procedures. This is where staying well informed can help. Go for your scheduled medical check - ups and scans. Keep a tab on the medical tests and put them down on your calendar. Tell your doctor if you observe anything unusual, such as spotting. Listen to your doctor. Take the tests, medicines, nutritional supplements that your doctor recommends.

Sufficient Sleep
You will need all the energy and fortitude during childbirth and when the baby is born. So make sure that you get enough sleep. Get adequate sleep at least eight hours a night. Avoid sleeping on your back as the added weight can be harmful for your back muscles and spinal cord. In the third trimester, try to sleep on your left side, as it would ensure adequate oxygen supply to your fetus and  to allow for the best blood flow to your uterus and kidneys. Drink lots of fluids during the day, but cut down before bedtime.

Naps may help. In your last couple of months, make sure that you can steal a nap in the afternoons as well. This can help in maximizing the blood flow to the baby. Special "pregnancy" pillows and mattresses may also help you sleep better. Or use regular pillows to support your body. Listening to mellifluous music or reading a nice book will make sure that you have a trouble-free sleep. If you're suffering from sleep disturbances, see your physician for advice. Sweet Dreams!

Beauty Care
Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that affect the body and therefore the skin. Have you ever heard someone saying "You've started glowing like never before" or "You look so dull and pale". These are normal comments that you might hear when you are expecting. Skin during pregnancy can experience anything from blotchiness to acne. While some women might take chances with cosmetics that some deem unsafe because it's not scientifically proven, pregnancy can make one a lot more concerned about what's actually in beauty products.

Ingredients, especially in lotions, creams and oils, can be absorbed into the bloodstream and be potentially harmful to the unborn child. An effective skin-care regimen will help to maintain a beautiful and glowing skin. Avoid products with harsh chemicals such as AHAs and Glycolic acids. Make sure you drink plenty of water and never forget your sunscreen.


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