Beautiful Flower Arrangements for Christmas

This is the season for wonderful food, close family, friends, and flowers. If you make various decorations for Christmas season every year, why not make a difference this year by doing floral decorations which you design and make by yourself? This is a DIY (Do It Yourself for Christmas Floral Decorations) planning to make a difference at Christmas Party. Learning some simple techniques on flower arranging can be all you need to get you and your family into the best of spirits for this festive season and can save you money too by becoming the next DIY queen.

merry christmas

Every friend or family member who visits your house during a Christmas season must be impressed with your decorations. Let us make a proposal for you to make following arrangements which add warmth and peace to your holiday home.

Winter-berry & Amaryllis Arrangement on Mantel
Nothing says Christmas more than traditional red-and-green decor. Simple arrangements of red amaryllis, tulips, and winter berries look beautiful on your Christmas mantel. Drape pretty ornaments from the winter-berries. To keep your amaryllis fresh, expose it to bright light as much as possible.

Flower Arrangement in Basket
This arrangement in a basket, using dry foam for the mechanics. It is made from dried and artificial materials. Artificial gold fabric leaves give height, and to the right of these, some gold ting ting has been threaded with gold beads. Three gold candles give a festive look, but should not be lit as they are too close to the flammable dried and artificial materials used in the arrangement. Some white Poinsettia forms the focal area, cones, artificial grapes, a gold wicker ball, and other artificial materials have been added to give interest. You can make some gold roses from folded shiny gold paper ribbon, and wired these together to form stems of small flowers.

Seasonal Centerpiece
This is easy and glamorous centerpiece adds dramatic height to your table. To make this arrangement, you'll need amaryllis bulbs, bunched boxwood branches, and pine cones, all of which should be available at your local florist or nursery.

If you want your centerpiece to last for the entire holiday season, buy amaryllis bulbs as they just begin to sprout, approximately four weeks before the holidays. Plant them in your chosen container, insert boxwood branches, and tuck pine cones into the foliage. You may need to change the boxwood branches if they begin to wilt or discolor.

This arrangement also a fantastic last-minute option, simply buy amaryllis that are already in bloom (be careful when handling them as stems and blooms can easily snap), repot them, and add your boxwood branches.

Winter Warmer
Team roses and candles with golden fruit and leaves to make a rich-looking, natural display for a coffee table. Soak two bricks of florists? foam and wedge firmly into the base of a bowl measuring around 35cm in diameter. Take three pillar candles of varying heights and colors, and set them into the foam in a tiered effect. Spray twigs of salal and skimmia gold and then, when they are dry, insert them into the florists foam. Add groups of flowers, like mini red gerberas, small red and orange roses, and carnations for bursts of colors. Spray a few small apples with gold paint, attach to wooden skewers and insert into the foam.

Cut Roses
For a coffee table arrangement, cut roses short and place single stems in mini vases around a large pillar candle. Surround with ornaments and other greenery to bring in the traditional colors of Christmas.

Flowers and Fruit
Create a fragrant and colorful centerpiece with fresh lime slices and blooming perennials. The trick to keeping the lime slices upright is to use two vases of varying sizes, fitting one inside of the other and filling in the space with 1/4 inch-thick lime slices. The luscious fruit and floral scents will last for two to three days.

Rustic Holiday Dining Room
Red roses, oversized white candleholders and sparkly glass and ornaments create a happy Christmas atmosphere in this space.

To create arrangements like these, you'll need long-stem roses and tall, narrow glass vases with wide bases. Simply strip foliage from the flower stems and arrange in the vases, leaving the stems as long as possible for maximum height. For extra impact, add lacy white feathers to suggest a frosty fern.

Star-of-Bethlehem, Tulips & Roses
Full and merry, this arrangement welcomes the season in style. Gorgeous red tulips, fluffy white roses, and perky pieces of Star-of-Bethlehem blend to make a bountiful arrangement.

Icy Holiday Wreath
A bright red Christmas tree ornament tarts up a minimalist wreath. Bring the outdoors in with glistening white decorations that mimic the snow-covered holiday landscape. Red accents are hot on the 2009 fashion runways, so bring these into your home, as well.

Two-Toned Amaryllis with Greenery
Embrace the long stems of amaryllis by displaying its blooms in a tall, simple yet elegant pitcher or vase. Include various evergreen springs such as spruce and holly, extra bonus if your holly branches are still holding their berries! Finally accessorize with decorations of the season: Vintage ornaments, colorful bows and keepsake tea towels.

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